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Each of the companies that support your plan has decades of experience is a service of Pension Planning Consultants, Inc. (PPC) to help employers like you easily start a cost-effective, competitive 401(k) plan benefit.

Each of our industry partners plays an important role in delivering an excellent user experience and in helping assure your plan meets IRS and DOL requirements for a qualified retirement plan.

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That’s us, the friendly team who brings you FastStart 401k! Pension Planning Consultants, Inc. has been providing consulting services, retirement plan administration, and actuarial services for clients with qualified plans since 1971.

PPC performs:

  • Plan Design & Consulting
  • Annual Administration & Compliance
  • Census data collection
  • Nondiscrimination compliance testing
  • Annual Reporting
  • Preparing all required government forms

Pension Planning Consultants, Inc. has been awarded the CEFEX Certification for Global Standard of Excellence in Industry Practices.

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Your Plan Recordkeeper

As your plan’s recordkeeper, KTRADE tracks and maintain all participant records, processes contributions and financial activity.

KTRADE Provides:

  • Fund trading and settlement transactions
  • 24/7 online participant access to view transactions, account balances, and direct investments
  • On-demand reports and quarterly statements
  • Coordination with Matrix Trust Company, the Custodian, who holds the Plan’s assets
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Investment Fiduciary

LeafHouse, one of the largest national investment fiduciaries, works to create a customized investment lineup while providing fiduciary protection.

As 3(38) Investment Manager, Leafhouse:

  • Selects the fund lineup
  • Monitors the quality and performance of the funds
  • Replaces funds as needed
  • Offers Personalized Managed Accounts What’s this?

What's a "Personalized Managed Account?"

This type of account takes information the saver has provided — such as estimated social security payment, state they plan to retire in, etc. — and creates a personal investment profile for them based on what works best for their personal situation.

This is the default investment if a participant does not wish to make their own investment choices.

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LeafHouse is DALBAR 3(38) Certified, which provides additional third party oversight. DALBAR, Inc is the financial community’s leading independent expert for evaluating and rating business practices, customer performance, product quality and services.

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IRA Rollover Solution

eIRA provides a valuable service to help keep your plan costs low by moving participants with plan balances less than $5,000 to an individual IRA if they no longer work for you.

  • No cost to your company
  • eIRA will set up an IRA and send the individual forms to establish their account.
  • eIRA charges a small maintenance fee paid by the participant.
  • In the case of lost participants, eIRA will try and locate and notify them of the account.
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