You deserve a retirement plan that fits you.

All FastStart 401k plans meet mandatory state requirements while providing greater benefits and flexibility for you and your employees.

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You, your employees, or both? We have a plan to fit you.



Are you a business owner with no employees looking for a plan for just you (and your spouse)?

Solo Saver 401k makes it easy for owners to save with flexible contributions.

Included professional investment management and plan fiduciary services are designed to make running your plan easy.

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Solo Saver



Are you looking for a great benefit plan to cover employees only*?

Team Builder 401k offers an easy to manage, highly competitive benefit with flexible eligibility and contributions.

Employees get a personalized, goal-based experience to set a path to long-term success.

*owners and some highly-compensated employees may not participate

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Team Builder



Would you like a plan that supports employees and optimizes owner contributions?

Shared Growth 401k offers all employees including owners an opportunity to optimize savings.

Required employer contributions for employees allow owners to make greater contributions for themselves.

*for companies with fewer than 100 employees

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Shared Growth

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Consider custom options and plans!

Are you looking for greater plan flexibility or the opportunity to save even more? Custom options include a 401(k), Defined Benefit, Cash Balance, or combination of plans to meet your retirement goals.

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